Services We Provide

Focused Solutions provides a variety of services to promote personal and organizational effectiveness. Our dynamic and talented professionals focus on your needs. Whether it’s assistance for a day, a week, or a long-term project, we look at every situation as an opportunity to develop elegant and focused solutions.

people cllimbing INDIVIDUALS

Executive Coaching – Do you need a safe place to explore sensitive business concerns? We provide confidential coaching services, acting as a trusted adviser and strategic thinking partner for business leaders. Through skilled listening, focused inquiry and objective feedback we assist you in exploring alternatives to (and creating solutions for) your most challenging leadership issues.

Conflict Coaching – Avoiding litigation is almost always the best decision.  We can help you manage or productively resolve conflict.  Talk about the issues with one of our certified/experienced mediators, consider your options, design an approach, and rehearse a constructive conversation.

Career Transition Coaching – Beginning your career? Seeking a promotion? Wondering about other workplace possibilities? Preparing for retirement? Success depends on a clear assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and currently developed competencies. Our assessments, a thorough review of your previous experience, and market research, help us guide you to a more fulfilling future.  Invent or reinvent your career!

Transition Services for Attorneys – Need help setting up your office or fine-tuning your business operation to be more efficient, effective and productive?  Are you wondering if there’s a better career fit – inside or outside the legal profession?  Are you downsizing, right-sizing or reorienting your practice?  Do you need help with a special project or closing out your practice?  Call us to find out how we can help.

people 3 way mtg CORPORATE SERVICES

Leadership Development – We help leaders and potential leaders determine appropriate developmental assignments, understand and avoid “derailing” behaviors, enhance “emotional intelligence” and maximize their ability to get results.

Building Effective Teams – Understanding your own and others’ thinking styles is critical for promoting good communication, preventing or resolving conflict, and building high performance organizations.  Focused Solutions provides thinking styles assessments and other services to help you build and facilitate effective teams.

Onboarding/Executive Assimilation – A new job or a new company is a whole new game. Help your executives hit the ground running, demonstrate early success and achieve the credibility necessary to lead effectively. The sooner executives “ramp up,” the sooner your company profits from their performance.

Employee Engagement/Retention – A good job match is the most important factor in determining employee satisfaction and productivity. Poor job matches produce unhappy employees, increased turnover, conflict and increased health care costs. Ask how we can help.

people man looking in distance ENTREPRENEURS

Starting and Growing a Small Business – From evaluating your business concept to assessing and improving your business infrastructure, we help you succeed. Our coaches have run their own businesses in addition to working for many large and small organizations. Focused Solutions shows you how to move from being the business (you work for it) to having a business (it works for you).

people diverse team NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS

“Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received – only what you have given: a full heart enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage.”  (St. Francis of Assisi)

Leadership – Leadership can be challenging in the non-profit environment, especially when you are working with volunteers. Learn the skill of influencing without authority and leverage your ability to collaborate with all stakeholders.

Board/Organizational Development – Choose the right board members, help them understand their responsibilities, and learn to collaborate effectively inside and outside your organization.

Effective Business Practices – Many non-profit organizations are “long on mission and short on margin,” struggling to do good work without adequate funding and support. We help you create long-term success through a strong and balanced organization. (Please also review “Corporate Services.”)

people intense discussion COACHES & CONSULTANTS

Collaboration is Convenient and Cost-Effective – Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Do you know yours? Wouldn’t it help to know those of your clients right from the beginning of each engagement? We provide Benziger Thinking Styles Assessments (BTSA) to augment and complement services you offer to your clients.

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