The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA)


What is the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA)?

The BTSA is a scientifically grounded, breakthrough application of Dr. Carl Jung’s work in Typology. This assessment identifies how your brain prefers to process information.

Key BTSA Concepts: 

  • Thinking Style – Thinking is the flow of electricity through our brain from one neuron to another through a bath of neuro-chemicals. Every individual functions in a unique way (thinking style) that results from three interdependent factors: preference, competencies and whether or not they are falsifying type.
  • Preference – A preference is a specialized set of abilities (gifts) which occur naturally as a result of the distribution of neuro-chemicals in the brain. The flow of electrical current we call “thinking” is easy, almost effortless. People report they are absorbed by what they are doing and find concentration is natural and effortless. Preference is stable throughout our lives. It exists and persists whether we use it or not.
  • Competencies – Competencies, by contrast, are created and strengthened by usage or practice. In some ways, competencies are more flexible than our preference. At one time in our life we may develop competencies in one area. At another time, in response to different opportunities or needs, we may develop a completely different set of competencies in a very different area.  Preferred competencies, those we develop in our preference, are highly dependable and energy efficient, even energizing. Non-preferred competencies, those developed outside our preference, are less dependable and less energy efficient.
  • Falsification – Falsification of Type is a term that identifies people who spend most of their time using competencies not managed by their preference.  The costs of falsifying type over time include chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, and diminished productivity, as well as confusion, misunderstanding and conflict.

What are the benefits associated with the BTSA?


  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Choose an appropriate career or developmental assignment
  • Increase personal effectiveness and enthusiasm
  • Enhance understanding and communication with others
  • Improve health (less stress) through more efficient application of personal energy

BTSA + one hour feedback session with a coach = $150



  • Understand and appreciate the unique contributions of each person
  • Share responsibilities equitably
  • Communicate more harmoniously
  • Prevent and resolve conflicts
  • Enhance the enjoyment of your relationship

2 BTSA’s + one hour joint feedback session = $225

2 BTSA’s + two separate one-hour feedback sessions = $300



  • Place the right people in the right jobs
  • Create effective employee development programs
  • Assemble and manage high performance teams
  • Reduce conflict and prevent litigation
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Reduce turnover and healthcare costs

Coaches and Consultants:

  • Obtain valuable insight to jump-start your coaching or consulting

BTSA’s with individual feedback, workshops and/or team training/facilitation are all available and priced based on the number of individuals and nature of the assignment. Please contact us to find out more.




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